Juice Plus


My Personal Story

I've been taking Juice Plus since 2014. When first approached about Juice Plus I was a skeptic! Let alone, was broke and couldn't fathom spending my little amount of money on fruits & veggies in a capsule. I grew up healthy my entire life, and lead an extremely holistic and health centered lifestyle but even I, as crazy health freak as I am, I didn't always have the time or patience or desire to eat healthy for every meal. Let alone, is it even possible for me to get 30+ vine ripened fruits & veggies into my system daily for such an affordable price?? So after saying no so many times to the girl that shared JP with me, I finally said yes. Why? Because I used to suffer from chronic migraines 7 days out of the week (I lived off of excedrin), anemia (took iron supplements), acne, low energy, high cholesterol, asthma with albuterol treatment, vertigo, UTI's/Yeast infections chronically, was on 2 allergy medications, and would get sick all the time then end up on antibiotics or have to call out of work to recover etc. My son would get double ear infections, flu, had asthma and always came home with a runny nose/common colds. So it was safe to say although I did my part in living a healthy lifestyle, my inside/immune system didn't agree. 

With staying committed and consistent with simply taking my capsules daily & him taking his gummies, for the last 5 years we no longer experience any of those symptoms. My family hasn’t been sick with the flu in 5 years. If any type of bug or virus hits us, we are able to heal our body with purely food nutrition, water and my therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils (If you know me you know my oils are my life alongside Juice Plus, but I can say my oils didn't start working as powerfully until I did Juice Plus because my body needed to heal on the inside first) 

I personally for my last three pregnancies have used my Juice Plus Trio capsules, & shakes as my prenatal regimen. During my fourth pregnancy, i continued to use it as my prenatal regimen while adding on the plant based Omegas April 2017 (these helped drastically with my mental clarity, focus etc). What better way to give my unborn baby the gift of health, than through an ample amount of wide variety fruit, veggies, berries and grains that will protect their DNA in the womb. Freaking amazing!! Even postpartum, I continue to take my JP products to bridge that gap and ensure optimal health & energy! By taking my Juice Plus everyday, it helped tremendously with my recovering post birth, energy through the sleepless nights and ensuring my breastmilk was producing vital nutrients for my kiddos! 

My son no longer has asthma, eczema and also has not been sick in 4 years. My three youngest children are not vaccinated and I took JP throughout those pregnancies. They haven’t been sick with the flu once and I know it's because they all had JP in the womb, in my breastmilk and now my girls drink their JP Shakes on top of taking gummies! Juice Plus changed the quality of my life, my families life and so many families around me that were willing to say yes and invest in the future of their health. 

So my mission this year is to get Juice Plus in 1,000 families homes because I literally feel like it is a gift to share what Juice Plus has to offer, especially with how many people you hear have chronic illness's or get diagnosed with diseases at such a young age. It truly starts with something as simple, safe and effective as Juice Plus. For $50 member fee, the business has changed my life, and impacted our household income in such an amazing way! Every month I sustain no less than $1500 a month, just by sharing my story! If you're interested in possibly doing what I do--by sharing your own story with those around you, let me share the business opportunity with you! It can be as complex or simple as you want to take on—but I promise you won’t regret it. Ask if you’re interested in the business side! 

At the end of the day, if you're breathing the air in this world Juice Plus is something that will enhance your wellness & vitality whether you're healthy or not healthy at all. For less than $6 a day, I am able to give myself, my husband and 4 children a better chance at a healthy life now & their future. I am focused on preventing disease before it starts and feel an obligation to share it with EVERY single person because of how it has impacted my life. 

The Company

Juice Plus has been around for over 40 years. They are the number one most researched product in their industry providing you with actual clinical research. Major universities have done peer reviewed studies on its effects and ability to enter your blood stream (biodegradable) repairing & protecting our DNA from the oxidation in the air that we are hit with daily. (Reverse & prevent disease)

The reason they created Juice Plus, is because they knew that people not only need to be healthy but even the healthiest person, has a hard time getting the right amount of phytonutrients into their diet for every meal 365 days of the year. Which is why our immune systems fail majority of the time, and why so many people suffer from chronic inflammation which causes autoimmune diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, migraines, rashes, constant sickness, thyroid etc.

So this is a way to bridge the gap between what you do eat and what you don't always have the time or the desire to eat. It's our insurance policy, because it ensures that you're at least getting at the very very least 30 different fruits and veggies even on your worst day.

We are simple! We don't have a million products and try to sell sell sell. We are word of mouth based. The reason we have been so successful is because we keep it consistent and simple. 

All of our products are herbicide, pesticide & toxin free. They are better than organic but also grown with organic soil. We own our own farms, and each farm specializes in 1 crop only. They allow each crop to grow to their peak of ripeness before they harvest ensuring everything gets 100% of its nutrient value. Once it's at its peak, they harvest...juice the entire crop meaning; the peel, core, stem, seeds, leaves etc. then they dry them at perfect temperatures and then crumble it up into powder form. BOOM that's it!! During this process naturally the sugar from the fruit is extracted --but the fiber is left fully in tact which makes all of our products safe & low glycemic for diabetics or anyone trying to stay away from excess sugar! 

Everything we have is labeled; Non GMO, gluten free, non-dairy, no artificial colors preservatives or flavors, kosher certified, low glycemic. 

There are 5 products. 

1. Capsules ( which come in gummy form for adults or children). The trio is the POWERHOUSE; it has 3 bottles which gives you 30 fruits, veggies/grains and berries. 

With any adult capsule/gummy order you can sponsor a child 4 years old or older, for free for 4 years. They will receive the duo gummies which is the red & green bag--providing them with 20 fruits & veggies.

(4 month supply for 1 person)

Adult Capsules:

$71.25 4 Monthly Installments Or $279 Paid in Full 

Adult Gummy: 

$76.75 a month per adult or $301 paid in full every 4 months per adult

2. Complete SHAKES: which includes a delicious VEGAN, plant based, whole food nutrition fiber and protein shake. The shakes are AMAZING! An added bonus to your day to day nutrition. There are only 2 flavors; chocolate or vanilla.

Our box comes with 60 servings/4 bags. There are a few ways to go about payment depending on how you intend to use your shakes. 

1. An occasional shake - $30.75 (4 Monthly Installments)

2. 1 shake a day - $61.50 (4 Monthly Installments)

3. 2 shakes a day - $123 (4 monthly installments)

4. Pay in full & restock as you go - $117 (Paid in Full)

4. Tower Garden; which is an aeroponic at home growing system. It allows you to grow your own fruits and veggies in the comfort of your home (inside, outdoors, patio, balcony) without dirt, uses 90 % less water than a normal soil garden & 90% less space. Also has 100% success rate, with little to no effort for upkeep on your part!

$50 first time shipment fee & monthly payment of $45.25 for 12 months--then you own it. 

5. Plant Based Omega Supplements; contains omegas 3,5,6,7&9 derived from plants & the algae source. These are especially amazing for pregnant women, and their growing babies development. 

$33.25 a month for 4 month installment at a time or $120 paid in full for a 4 month supply 

Our SHRED10 program is an amazing way to detox & reboot your system for 10 days with a 4 month commitment. If you would like pricing on this, please let me know. 

How does the payment work?

Juice Plus works as a monthly installment payment, however the company ships you 4 months worth of product upfront and then charges your card every month--it will auto renew & reship another 4 month supply at around 3.5 months unless you cancel. 

The reason they do this is so that you never run out of product and can stay consistent with taking your capsules daily and drinking your shakes daily. Since Juice Plus is not a quick fix, you really have to be on the product for 4 months at the very least for your body to see the full benefits of its power. So, please do this when you are ready to commit for the long haul!! You aren't helping me, this is a decision you make to help YOURSELF & more importantly your future self! 


Juice plus trio capsules & shakes are different than anything out there BECAUSE they are NOT a supplement or multivitamin. It's just whole food nutrition (fruits & veggies) in capsule form. Literally. No joke, it's just fruits and vegetables!

So, on the label...it's not going to have a "supplement label" like a multi vitamin or prenatal pill or one a day etc. it's gonna have instead a "nutrition label" because it's real food! Plus, it's going to have an expiration date, meaning it doesn't have a long shelf life like multi vitamins would or like animal based protein powders would. That's my favorite fact because it just proves that juice plus is full of ACTIVE and LIVE ingredients that your body can actually digest! Because of this, that means it's safe for babies & kids to take--literally is just fruits and vegetables. 

I Want To Order, Where do I Go?

Visit my JuicePlus website for clinical research, ingredients, browse around or to place your order.

Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnant Mommas, please see this article click here when choosing which prenatal to take during your pregnancy! I myself have personally taken Juice Plus as my prenatal during all four of my pregnancies. I strongly urge all women who are trying to conceive, pregnant women and postpartum moms to incorporate Juice Plus into their daily routine.