Birth Doula Coach

I offer this for birthing people who do not feel the need to physically have a doula during labor & delivery, but feel the need for support throughout their pregnancy & phone support at the onset of labor, as well as during labor. As your coach, I will give you all the tools & evidenced based research you need in order to feel confident during your pregnancy & labor experience.


This Package Includes: 

2 Hour Labor Prep-PLEASE SEE Labor Prep class tab for details  

Coaching By The Hour

Need advice on your health, eating, pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum or parenting advice? I am messaged daily with questions all over the spectrum. My knowledge comes from my passion in wanting to educate myself further, but also those around me. However, it takes a lot of energy to help so many strangers. I am now charging an hourly rate for my coaching. For a full hour you can bring all your questions to me, and I will answer each one with a personalized action plan.