Hi, I am Micole Ashley Austin. About me sections are always so gut wrenching. It is a battle between keeping it so real but also wanting to come off super awesome and professional. I could give you every single detail of what makes me ‘Micole Ashley’ and talk about my past, and how I got to where I am today. I could give you a list of all the things I have accomplished, even write details of my education and certifications. Reality is, that all sounds great on paper but I am more into the kind of person that I can be in your presence. I believe the real connection happens face-to-face, in real life, when you step foot into my element of what everyday instances make me, me. To keep it sweet, I do not like to be confined to one thing. I believe that God gave me so many gifts that I choose everyday to nurture in some way. I suppose you could call me an entrepreneur but I like to actually see it as passionate, curious even? True passion & curiosity never dies. It is what keeps the fire going on the bad days, and what pushes me to step out of my comfort zone on the good ones. I was once told that, “when going after what you want in life, and the moment you feel uncomfortable, that’s when it is just right.” I live for the discomfort because it motivates me. I am what I like to call an intro-extravert because I love building relationships, but also love to keep to myself. My first calling is to love people and God, my second calling is to be the mother of all mothers to my children, and the wife of all wives to my husband. I will end with this, if I set my mind to it, I will accomplish it. I go after whatever it is that I pray for. I envision my family and I traveling all over the world and changing lives at the same time. I am a true believer in 'what you focus on, expands.' I have an extremely loud inner voice, and I long to be heard. Whatever it is that I work on, I put my heart and soul into it. I am always learning new things, and re-learning what I already know. The plan is to grow where I am planted, and move big mountains along that journey. Welcome to the highlighted parts of my life.